Camera node VL.Stride

Hi everyone,
I was wondering, does exist a camera node that move on forward in VL.Stride?
On camera node is possible to set the the f (aperture of the camera) value?

I’m using the lastest version of vvvv.

Thank you!

Hi Norag, I maybe depends upon the camera. This may work if you’re using a Canon camera. It could work with a Nikon in theory, and also webcams but its a bit untested.
There are other kinds of camera that you may be able to take direct control of.

Hi Hadasi, sorry I didn’t explain the situation well.
I’m creating a 3D scene and I need a camera movement in it. I only found a camera that goes in circle…

No problem. You may have been using the orbit camera. Try the one that doesn’t have any subtitle and connect a transform node to the view matrix to move it around

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Thank you for your respond, it was very helpful.
I have another problem. I don’t need loop, I just want the camera go from the start to the end and then it stops there.
And do you know how to set camera’s depth of field? The nodes doesn’t match :(

The LFO was just for example’s sake, try a ‘lerp’ node. You can blend between two vec3s.
As for depth of field you need to use PostFX. I think there are examples about them in the node browser.

I just saw Takuma released a new tutorial about this very topic on YouTube


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