Camera Keyframe data from 3dsMax to vvvv?

Im wondering if anyone has managed this? afaik KwXport will not export animation data.

Maybe there is a way of dtripping it out of the .3ds file?

Would be very useful as I realised the other day can record 3d camera moves into 3DsMax with my spacenavigator.



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Yo bro,
As per my post on a previous thread that you commented on, have you considered using COLLADA format instead of XFILE? You can export ANIMATIONS with collada and also CAMERA, it would be a whole lot more simple to do this using the collada format rather than XFILE as this would be a hack and you would have to program/use some kind of XML reader that takes your XML data and convert to position data, still this sounds like a dirty hack… I would look into COLLADA, I have never needed to pass on the camera data (why would you want to pass camera data if you can control the camera in real-time? Although fair enough you might still want to…) BUT I have managed to export all sorts of complicated dynamics animation into collada format. Again please take a look at my video tutorial released on v4tutorial channel which is all about COLLADA exporting and control in vvvv…

I know that you can pass on camera data in collada and there is even a camera(COllada) node! So I would really consider jumping to COLLADA instead of xfiles bro, much more possibilities and much more powerful.

Let me know if you still need help with this, but check out my tutorial first, it should help… Peace

Have you ever heard of txt files?