Camera Hangs when I Disable it

Hello, the camera never shuts off when I disable it or when I shut vvvv down. I have to reboot the machine to turn it off. I am using an Macbook Pro facetime camera and vvvv_alpha_50_x86 downloaded 6pm 15/01/2016

i am not really sure what you mean with “the camera”. please clarify. provide a patch with instructions to reproduce.

and also it would be good to tell us if you see a different behavior in latest beta compared to latest alpha.

My Video camera and the difference is that it doesn’t hang forever.
I tested with the most recent beta x86 and camera still remains active, but and turning of the camera from the port doesn’t turn it off entirley. Shutting the program, the beta just has a slightly bumpy exit. With x86 Alpha however it crashes unresponsibly and needs a shutdown to remove it.