Camera animation

How do I make a camera animation loop with like 3/4 points? I want the camera to pass through established location and, at the end, going from the last one to the first.
I simply want a more advanced animation than a lfo attached to pitch.
Thank you

One option would be:

Set up a Switch with all your Positions, Connect the cycle Output of an LFO to your Switch and at the Switch output connect a Damper.

But i think there are plenty of ways to do that :)


Damperswitch.v4p (5.8 KB)

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hei Margu,

the most flexible these days is probably using the BezierEditor to create the camerapath and the ArcLength node to sample that path evenly. see attached for a 2D example. 3D BezierEditor is also available…

MoveCamera.v4p (15.7 KB)

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I’m trying, but the bad part is that the damper stops for a while when he reaches the coordinates.
Dampercamera.v4p (36.7 KB)

I can’t really figure out how to use it with a camera in a 3d patch. Although I think it’s the really fluid and cool animation i’m aiming for.

Thank you

MoveCamera.v4p (33.3 KB)

see attached for a version with a 3d camera.
for more on how to use the BezierEditor, see: Editing Framework | vvvv

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Really awesome tool! Thank you for the help.
Just one last questiom: is there a way to fuse the first and the last point to create a loop?

unfortunately the editing-framework cannot do that out of the box yet. but it is on the todo-list.

The animation becomes fluid just by positioning the first and the last point one next to the other. I’ll post my work to show how beautiful this bezier tool is

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