Cam fft4

I am looking for ways to have a change in viewing angle of the camera according to the fft4


that’s nice to hear, please keep us posted on progress… if you have any questions, just ask. :-)

no, kidding, i hope this helps to demonstrate the principle… ;-)

FFTBoxAngle.v4p (10.3 kB)

Thx bilderbuchi :)

I post an example where I work and I would like to vary the angles on the sound

test blue.rar (8.1 kB)

any help?.. no text …

test blue2.rar (10.3 kB)

well you have to state the exact problem if you want help.

i can only guess what you need, but why don’t you just connect the FFT4 with a GetSlice and a + Node to the OutputY of the Circular Spread, and the output of the + to Yaw of Transform?
Maybe add a second Damper and a Multiply to better control behaviour…

I am sorry my English is bad and I do not know very well I’ll try to explain the tracks you gavest me