{Call for Collaboration} Interactive Installation #Kinect2 #Arduino #LEDs

Interactive Visionary Installation ‘Awakening Circle’

vulkåi studio is looking for a collaborator/vvvv developer who can provide advanced programming assistance in creating ​an interactive visionary installation for O.Z.O.R.A. festival.

The inspiration came from the experience of spiritual awakening. The installation is called ‘Awakening Circle’. It is reflecting our inner connections with the universe — oneness. The creative outcome of that are 6 real-sized human sculptures (semi-transparent bodies equipped with LED strips) gathered in a circle.

Project deadline:
July 20 2015 (two weeks before the festival)

Technical setup:
Kinect2 > vvvv > Arduino > addressable LED strips

— programming LED strips inside each sculpture
— programming Kinect sensor to track people around the installation and trigger different light changes

If you are interested, we’ll be more than happy to share with you a deeper vision of the installation and all the details. Feel free to email us art {at} vulkai {dot} com

Stay vvvvisionary!