Call for Artworks for Computational Aesthetics 2011 (Vancouver, BC)

Howdy VVVV folk,

This is an announcement to let people know about the Art track of the Computational Aesthetics 2011 conference, which takes places August 5-7 in Vancouver this year (just before SIGGRAPH). The conference goal is to build bridges between the Arts and Technology communities, with a special focus on visual art and related computational tools. Specifically, we are soliciting artworks and papers that emphasize the role of software creation as an aesthetic cultural activity. The call for participation is here:

Hopefully there are people in the VVVV community that will be interested in submitting to the conference. This is a peer-reviewed conference, and we’ve been able to get some great reviewers from Europe and abroad lined up.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Allen Bevans
MSc Candidate
Arts Co-Chair, Computational Aesthetics conference 2011
School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT)
Simon Fraser University Surrey

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