Calibrateprojector problem

i am missing something about mapping a cube onto a dummy scene.
the node seems to be working but the transforms don’t apply to the scene.

ps if you get a red node (having installed opencv), there is a chance you need ApplyNearAndFar (Transform). my install doesn’t locate it for some reason and i have a copy of it in the same folder as this patch

calibrateprojector_problem.v4p (39.0 kB)
maybe you dont need this file, i get a red node without it (12.0 kB)

tested with b30, same results
solve > status ok > no scene appears

…as i said before, it used to work, back in pade-days and with first calibrateprojector version ~one year ago.
am i misusing the node?

re-attached the example with even more ref-points and a dummy_scene-picture.

calibrateprojector (34.0 kB)

here is an older test from may 2012 that used to work (b27.2, emgucv-february2012 release) and now it doesn’t.

  • missing ApplyNearAndFar (it is possible to add it)
  • solve ok / nothing
    sorry for the mess inside the patch, the clean example is one post above

this patch used to work in (825.7 kB)

ok, it works in b30 with emgucv-may-2012-version
it seems to be a problem with emgucv-feb-2013 version

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