Calibrate skeleton from Kinect to another Camera

Hi there,
I’m dealing with this problem since a week know and still fail to get the result I want. So it’s time to ask you.
I got the skeleton from the kinect and want to map it somehow to the video from my webcam. Both cameras are looking in the same room, but from different positions.
There are three problems which I figured out.

  1. Map the skeleton so that it got the right angle.
  2. Consider the field of view and the resolution from both cameras.
  3. To make it perfect the webcam should be turned and is mirrored.

I’ve got the position and the roation of both cameras in the v4 space but still don’t see how to match them.

Would be great if someone has a clue or done this before. I appreciate any help.


This gonna be a bit of a pain to achive
I think last time this was done with a ruler

Try study this

Have a look at the calibration help patch inside the dx11.particles pack. You can use the resulting transform as input for the skeleton.

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Thank you very much!
I’ll give it a try and see how far it takes me ;)

@tmp Thanks, it works!! This helppatch is great! Should have seen it sooner ;)

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