Calibrate camera for tracking

any ideas, how to calibrate camera, the way laser tag does, ie when you just put 4 points on input video:

there are basically 3 things you could try. its faster, to apply the correction after the tracking to the coordinates instead of transforming the whole video image:

u7’s exellent point calibrator, but as its doing a linear interpolation, it will probably require more than 4 points to calibrate. (works on coordinates)

the Undisort filters, which will auto-calibrate the camera with a checkerboard pattern. (works on the cam image, but with the calibration results, you can also use the Undistort Plugin to use it on coordinates)

or the Homography (Transform 2d) node, which will do an actual perspective transform of your tracked coordinates with 4 given points. (Use ApplyTransform to apply on coordinates)…

Would like to make some advertisment for u7 plugin! all you touch surface builders should grab it now ;)

-its fast and has no latency (contrary to solutions which distort the image)

-it undistorts even the wildest fisheye and perspective distortions precisely

-calibration process is simple and fast (you need to build a patch for that)

thanks again for that great plug!

thanks…i just have to add that the plugin is now part of the plugin_pack and is called WarpPoints.