Calculating from image a mesh, and bonning and animating it?


Hi !
I m discovering actually OpenToonZ from gibli studio.
It s a vectorial animation software. One of the powerfull features of opentoonZ is the Plastic Tool.

It enables :

  • to create a mesh from an image ( you draw your form and then ask to build the mesh)
  • put some handle points on it
  • deform the mesh from the animation of handles points
  • add flex and rigid region to control the reactions of the mesh

Here is a sample of animation capabilities:

So mainly, i would like to arrive to do such a thing in VVVV.

Has anyone any idea how i can achieve this type of deformation of mesh in VVVV for real time manipulations ?

Here is also a second link to a tutorial with the plastic tool handles used in Star mode, not in inverse kinectic approach:

Thank you for your suggestions !


Hey karistouf, iirc d.o.p.e allows you to put handles on a mesh and deform it :

Might not do everything you’re asking for but could be a starting point !


EDIT: yes its fine ! thank you !
One question for me is now to understand how i can output from an image in black and white an .obj or mesh

any idea ?


Yea, you have to do that in 3d package, otherwise it’s a bit of pain in the ass


any utility around or link to a mesh calculator from image ?


Illustrator > vectorize > bounding curve save as ai 3 > import 3ds max > uv map > export as obj


hI Antokhio, i m freeware, no illustrator…

Any way to arrive to do it with VVVV ; something like renderer> on/off pixel reading > point generating with coordonates ? or a DX11 mesh editor / drawing utility ?

or any free tool ? i tried but i cant arrive to inject them properly in the sample of the h.o.p.e package


Hey you can try vl open cv contour and this:

I will upload you my obj exporter in the morning


ah yes, that would be really great !!! thank you anthokio :)

cccc4D | All about interfacing/exchanging vvvv and Cinema 4D

i think you need latest dx build with it, there was something with assimp vux had to fix to make it show model (37.1 KB)

Converting x file to Mesh Geometry Split Assimp DX11 format