Cache to warn on startup if its Force pin is set to true

Hey all,

Not sure where I’m going with that, but in a project we noticed some performance loss were caused by a nasty cache region that has its Force pin set to true.

This is something you might want to do during development to test/implement something and could easily forget, especially if just setting the Force pin via right-click-and-drag :-]

Would it make sense that the Cache region throws a warning on startup if it detects its Force pin is set to true? Like that you would see it in the log window and decide to ignore it or fix right away :)


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I’ll be honest I always use a iobox with cache regions for exactly this reason, and if it needs a connection to the rest of the patch it runs through the iobox, and often have an or with a bang for when I need to update it while patching. This might be a case where colour would help you know if it was evaluating or not. Don’t click the pin!

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I think I would prefer if it would be possible to not have to put a force pin to true at all…

Like change something actively/manually in a cache region and it updating no matter the pin.
That was at least the constant reason for me so far to set the pin to true.

I don’t know how hard that would be to track, but that would solve the issue much more elegantly IMO for most cases.
Throwing errors feels like a dirty hack to me somehow?

This is also the reason why I do not like using cache regions at all, so improving the underlying behaviour could also lead to people using them more often and patches being more optimised without that annoying penalty of constantly having to think about refreshing them.

IMO they could also have the “onOpen” behaviour built in to reduce clutter.
I never had a case where I didn’t want a region to evaluate on open so far.

A warning is something different than an error.

I think the Force pin is totally fine, because of course we need a way to control Cache regions flexibly in any way possible. This request is just about accidentally leaving the Force pin on true, which you would normally just do when you debug or test things… because why would you need a Cache region anyways if you permanently evaluate it?

Read my post again. I don’t want to permanently evaluate the region.

I want to evaluate it if I manually change something inside the region.
So when I edit stuff actively in the region, change values inside of it, create or delete nodes, re-connect something inside, I want it to re-evaluate.

This is what I personally would want to happen 99.9% of the time and why I put the pin on evaluate.

I see about error vs. warning, but I still find it a weak solution that doesn’t get at the root IMO

Yes, but that is a different request which I already opened a thread about recently.

Evaluate cache region when the patch inside of it changes

And I liked your request when you made it. ;-)

But since this request is basically a workaround/hack for the annoying behaviour of the cache region in general, it’s the same topic from a different angle.

At least for me, YMMV.