C4D Animation to Collada

Hey guys,
i have a problem with the collada export from c4d. I did an simple animation in c4d and baked it but the collada file doesn’t show the animation in vvvv. I read other posts in this forum about similar problems but the solutions didn’t work…I hope you can help me figure out where the problem is cause i’m getting crazy here…
The animation i like to show in v4 is a landscape object with animated sealevel that the mountains grow. I tried to reduce the scene to only one polygonal object with animation but it didn’t work…

Any ideas how I can get this thing woking??


It sounds like PLA.
This won’t work, as Collada does not support PLA, only Position, Rotation, and Scale of an object.
Nonetheless you should be able, via XPresso, to link as many objects (cubes, nulls, …) to the points of the landscape, export these objs, import into vvvv and use these objs position to move the points of a grid or of the landscape object itself.

okay so you mean i should do the animation in vvvv and not in cinema? Isn’t there any other way to get the animation in vvvv? How would it look like to animate something like the scene on the foto in vvvv? isn’t that way too complicated?

I hope to express my pov in a more clear way.
The animation on the C4D object, once exported in collada, is lost. This is because you’re animating points on a mesh - even though it is a C4D parametric object - and collada does not support point animation; it supports instead the animation of position, rotation and scale of an object.
So, once you baked the landscape object, maybe you should be able, via xpresso, to bind, to each point of landscape object, a polygon with zero points - simply select the points of the polygon and delete them -, so that the animated landscape points drag with them the zero point polygons.
At this point you export the polygon animation - which it is just position, supported by collada - and transfer these position data to the points on another vvvv object.

That said, yes, this is very complicated.
A word to search in this forum is FBX, which will hopefully return many meaningful threads about your issue.

Okay I will try that! Thank you for your help!! :)