C# Split a string in chars?


I´m certainly lost trying to write in c# something similar to Sift(String).

sift (string)

The point is how to convert the input string:

[Input("String", DefaultValue = 0)](Input("String", DefaultValue = 0)) ISpread<string> SInput;

in char when I have for example:

char buffer[]();
//or even a
char *buffer;

How Can I operate with the input string char by char? any light? link?

Thanks in advance!

the string behaves like char array, you can just write:

var aChar = SInput[slice](slice)[charIndex](charIndex);

to access the individual characters…

some reading:



Ahmmm, the second dimension of the array means the char index of the string… cool… 8)

Thanks a lot for the links, first time dealing with NET and I forget in which environment we are…!!

Just having take off with this…works like a charm

Best Regards