C# bindings for Leap SDK 4.0.0


It seems leap dropped their own C# bindings completely and we need to build them on our own. I’ve started with this already using CppSharp - but nothing committed yet, will do as soon as I’ve more to show.

a quick test with these looks promising:

building those into a .dll only required to outcomment a few debug-calls. dropping the .dll into vl, connecting 4 nodes, returns what we need…

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so Orion has all things gestures, tools and pointables removed. other than that it is pretty much the same as before.

initial working version here:


  • get images to work
  • de/serialization
  • cleanup
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Hi guys,

I,m pretty insterested to try the orion version, do i have to put some files somewhere vl says no device found althouhg it is connected properly.

does the vl have any example with hand skeleton ?


did you build the sources?

Hi joreg, yes it seems compiled correctly.

do i have to put the VL.Devices.LeapOrion folder in an specific place ?

yes, needs to be in \packs, like so:


but beware: while it basically works, it also needs a proper cleanup still. coordinate system is not vvvv-style and some nodes may still output non-normalized values.

hi joreg,

ok thanks , seems to outputs some values now.

I,ll wait for the proper cleanup ;D but great staff so far.