BVH file

I have bvh files. I would like to extract coordinates of the bvh points. May you give me some suggestion?

have you tried mino’s nice bvh plugin?

I can’t get to work; all I get is the axis. Any solution?


try Decompose (Transform Vector) in addonpack.
connect Transform Out, then you can get Translate, Scale, Rotate of joints.

Hi mino,

I got your plugin and I think I understand the decompose patch, but may you help me because all I am getting is the axis, as seen in below.I have tried substituting your sample files with mind and it remains the same.

open help patch of BVH plugin with beta28.1 looks no problem here.
see attached image.

what language of windows OS you use?
string parse at v1.0 not working because some string definition different at country.

also please add TTY Renderer and check any error messages…