BVH file import


I am wondering whether there is a way to import or read .bvh files into gamma.

There are these mocap sensors that look interesting to me:

… and from what I can see on their website, they have a proprietary software that creates a .bvh livestream over UDP. And this can be read in vvvv! yes! This seems all pretty possible to me with the exception of the .bhv parsing in gamma… :(

Does anybody know if there is a plugin for gamma? or how to go about it?

Thanks a lot!

the bvh format is plain text and seems quite straight forward. it should be fairly easy to parse it in gamma.

There is also this old beta contribution BVH (Skeleton BVH) | vvvv
with source code to look up how it works or even make it work as a library in gamma vvvvPlugins/BVHNodes at master · minoru-ito/vvvvPlugins · GitHub

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yes, that is helpful! thanks a lot!

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