Buying a TH2Go in Berlin (and does any of you have the new DE 3x1080p?)

I would like to know if anyone is aware of a shop in Berlin where one could buy a TripleHead2Go. Preferably a newer Digital Edition…

Thanks :)


try cyberport if you want to buy it in a shop. but thei are expensive. try ebay or local-shop-search-engines like kelkoo or preissuchmaschine.


Hm okay Cyberport doesn’t look like they have them stocked. But I can ask. I thought there might be a shop here who has them literally “in store”. Well then I’ll just order it from amazon or such.

I am reluctant to buy one online because I would like to have a “new” digital edition version that matrox lists on their website that can do 3x1920x1080. Does any one of you know how well deployed that one is? Every retailer lists the smaller max-resolutions versions.

TripleHead2Go - supported resolutions shows support by both Digital and DP models for 3x1920x1080 but only at 50Hz so beware.

Yes I am aware of that chart, that’s why I’m asking (and I wouldn’t mind the 50Hz). I just don’t know if any retailer has those new ones in stock…

It turns out that DVI is (according to wikipedias list of video connectors) not capable of delivering that resolution (5760x1080) through the cable, so maybe Matrox mixed that up with the Display Port version, because DP can deliver that much. I’ll ask Matrox…

i don’t think there is a new version of the hardware out that now supports this. It seems strange they would do this without some revision number or something. As you say, how would you know if you were going to get an order version.

3x 1920x1080@50Hz hardwarewise works fine with all Matrox TripleHead2GoDE regardless how old they are.

Enabling these new resolutions is a firmware-thing.
The latest firmware can be downloaded on the matrox site

There only is a known issue that some random units do not accept this newest firmware. Matrox claims that they are working on this for the next firmware update.

To get the new resolutions working you also need the newest setup utility that can also be downloaded from matrox

As 3x 1920x1080@60Hz (5670x1080@50Hz) is really at the edge of the capabilities of DVI you should make sure to use high quality and as short as possible DVI DualLink cables between the computer and the TH2Go.