Buying a new laptop; is this enough?

Hello everyone;

I’ve just ordered a new laptop and I’m not nail-biting hoping that the specs I’ve chosen within my price-range will be enough.

The specs I’ve got are:

Intel i5 Dual Core (2.60GHz) 3MB
GeForce GTX 765M - 2.0GB DDR5
8GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz
500GB WD Scorpio Black SATA 6 Gb/s, 16MB CACHE (7200 rpm)

While I think it will be; I still have time to change it if it’s not up to scratch.

I’m no advanced VVVV user and so will probably not be doing much that’s GPU intensive for quite a while.
That said my primary usage will be in AV installations and live sets; using Pure Data along side Vvvv (with a Focusrite 6i6 external soundcard).

So yeah; will this be enough for my current usage.

Nice machine bro! BUT you’re missing an SSD hard drive I would say, makes a big difference in terms of speed. Killer GFX card though, I have the same GFX Card(GTX 765M), it’s brilliant! I would say make sure you have a 128Gb SSD drive where you install your OS and programms, then also have another 500 SATA HD for your data. You could do with an i7 octocore instead of i5 dualcore, BUT that’s not the end of the world and I would say it’s not as important as getting an SSD hard drive. Believe me though bro you SHOULD have an SSD hard drive. Peace

Yes I recommend SSD too. And for VVVV the more Ghz one core has the better.

But should be fine with the rest.

Awesome; thanks guys.
I think I may just buy a small SSD and transfer the 500GB 720RPM drive as a secondary drive.

Yeah, do that bro, essentially make sure your laptop/computer has a SSD slot allowing for SSD (if you are gonna buy your computer first and then SSD after), But yeah the idea is have a small SSD as primary Hard drive for your OS and your program installs then put all your data on the secondary SATA Drive. Please FLAG one of those answers as the SOLUTION so that thread can be closed. Good luck, cheers.