Button value stored

The Introduction

So, at first i would like to say Hello to everyone !

Iam a bloddy n00b concerning node based programs and never been familiar with general programing priciples, so please dont be mad at me.

The Problem

I have 3 buttons (toggle). Each button produces a specific value.
I also have 2 “storage spaces” (value).

When i click one of the three buttons, the button value wil be stored in storage pace 1. Next time I press a button, the value will be stored in the secound storage space.

On the next click, all values will be erased(set to default) and the button value is stored in storage 1.

Problem Origin
I try to make some kind of Video mixer GUI. So i want to fade between two videos. but i first want to selct which videos i will mix.

I think iam missing something realy important in my approach. Or i think wrong.
never think wrong! :/

I would be awsomely happy if someone could even give me a hint or nodename, and i can rethink :)



My approach to the Problem (13.7 kB)
My Videomix sort of thing (183.5 kB)

Hey Sportinger,
welcome to VVVV. I can remember very well when i had similar problems.
If you want to follow through with your patch have a look at multiflip flop (i think this should simplify the butten stuff).

if you want to start over i made an example patch for you.
i dont have time to explain it further right now. Just have a look.
Also please clarify what exactly you wanted to do with the buttons.
Please feel free to ask questions i will answer tonight/tomorrow.

easy texture mixing example (21.7 kB)