Button / Quantize

hello vvvvolks,

i have a small patch and maybe i dont see the “wald vor lauter bäumen nicht” ;)

on top there is a i/o-box pushing that small quad on top. works great - the “button” node detects if this quad is over a line.

if you set in the i/o-box ROWS to “2” - only every 2nd line is detected - ROWS = “3” every 3rd…

quantize-nodes working fine (as you can see in lower right)…

damn - i dont get it ;)

the aim is - to detect several quads over their corresponding line and highlight these lines…

if anybody has a hint - i will shout a big THANK YOU ;)

helpme.rar (4.6 kB)

hi, the task is to check each line with each quad, so you need the Cross (2d) node to create all kombinations:

_START THIS2.v4p (18.2 kB)

kopf–>tisch ;)

of course… damn.

1000 thanks for that hint and that really fast reply…

sometimes it is sooooooo simple ;)