BulletPhysics Attaching 2 Rigid Anchors to one rope?

Id like a sphere attached to both ends of a rope, I’ve hacked together something from 09_soft_rigid_anchor but the spheres aren’t attached by the visible rope, but by and unseen one…
Is it possible to get the used connection, is it a rope or something more solid?

Rigid anchor question (34.5 kB)

quite interesting effect hehe

Hehe it is, isn’t it!
But not quite what I expected!

hi cat,

just added an extra Cons to the AppendAnchor, the ‘Node Index’ pin is used to select an anchor point from the Softbody input. I think…

09_Soft_Rigid_Anchor3_fix.v4p (36.0 kB)

Ah! I see.
Thanks Lightmare, I hadn’t seen the Node Index pin!
Perfect :)