Bullet, simulation a maschine with a fixed driveshaft

tree questions to bullet

Sorry my english is icky.

first question
i will simulation a physical maschine. I need a shaft with mass for a engine, fixed in X,Y,Z and fixed in pitch and yaw. Only roll is free. I need Mass, because the force transmision is friction. A schaft with “Is Static” or “Is Kinematic” (without mass) and a shaft without static and kinematic (with mass) works only in one direction. I need two directions.

second question
i search a example for Node “CompoundShape” All my attempts have failed.

third question
i search a example for a Vehicle

many thanks

Sorry my english is icky.

we all speak the language of vvvv here. Post a patch with your attempt or a diagram detailing what you would like to achieve with lots of arrows and objects and as little english as possible.

first question > ?

second question > This node is used for combining Bullet objects. There are no examples because it is very rarely needed.

third question > Vux has created a vehicle in Bullet, but has not released the code (yet). Maybe if you posted more details about your project he will release the code.


my Project is "Simulation Teststand for break, acceleration, speed, power for cars (Teststand.jpg)
Problem : “fixed schafts” described in the picture.

Problem with compoundShapes descripted in (Test CompoundShape.v4p)

The perfect case would be, the car is practically finished ;-)

Test CompoundShape.v4p (25.0 kB)