Bullet physics update rotation

How the rotation (not the angular velocity) of a kinematic rigid body could be updated manually in bullet physics (if it can be updated)? There’s no rotation pin on UpdateBody. i have to create a game like this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41B107Q4N7L.SL500_AA300.jpg i’ve made it once using ODE (and the board was put together from boxes) but now i want to use custom meshes and round holes for the board but it looks like i cannot apply the same rotation to the board in bullet as in ODE.

the plugin is yet to be updated with kinematic functionality


not really good idea, bullet don’t like when you have your objects on the moving plane… list even on the test the walls are’t thick enough so prob you will have ball falling thru them

well the walls and the board are working (and they are not just planes) the problem is the rotation. well then it looks like i have to use ODE.

Please see


Should work for now.

Oh yeah!:D