Bullet Physics Bugs

Sometime ago I noticed, that Bullet Physics works unstable in some use cases (basically with ApplyForce). In 2014 it was looked like memory leak (with growing of the process memory size). But now bug looks different, but works same - patch works few minutes and vvvv crashes (first the geometry disappears, only dots remain) . I think this is due to ApplyForce, maybe I’m using it wrong, but there’s no choice to use with softbody.

Clothes.v4p (43.8 KB)

well it crashes if you have a lot colliding objects, with soft bodies it even worse i guess

@antokhio Is there any hope to fix this? Points in context of BP is also “colliding objects”?

I found my old post) And Emeshe in the background is beautiful))

Provide your patch, maybe there is something used wrongly, in any case it would need a test case and preys to be fixed ;/

@antokhio I put the patch in first message =)

if i download it i says failed no file ;| maybe attach it again as zip

@antokhio Here it is, look again. I’m using latest alpha.
Cloths.zip (4.8 KB)

i don’t see any obvious bugs in your patch, and it’s running for me for like 30 mins already…
i think maybe 128 iteration count is too much i think it should be around 12-16 but i maybe wrong, anyways works like charm beta35x64, try clean beta maybe…

@antokhio It’s accumulating. Over time vvvv start freezing a little, more after few minutes and after all have a crash.
On screenshot you can see some strange behavior at least - dots instead geometry and very strange fps (after perfmeter connection). But yes, this behavior is generally unpredictable.

Please, try this one
Cloths2.zip (11.1 KB)

nice bug i confirm the Text (DX11.layer) inside the perf meter dx11 module
seems to change the topology to pointlist!!!

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@circuitb hmmm, interesting. That means these bugs aren’t related? It looks like good news, because I can’t reproduce crash with Bullet.

perfmeter changing topology is quite fun hehe ;]
anyways @yar your iteration count is way overkill, it don’t have to be more then 12-16 iters
and it’s still works stable here i think you have something in your system killing it, try fresh vvvv install

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@antokhio thanks a lot anyway!

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