Built-in isight in macbook pro

hey everyone,

i am having a bit of a strange problem with my built-in isight in my macbook pro. I have testing to make sure that the isight is working on the computer, but when i try to use the VideoIn object, the signal is not getting into vvvv for some reason. Under the help file for the VideoIn object, i was able to see that there is the usb device which indicates the isight, and when i open up the help file, the little green light next to the isight is turnedo on, which indicates that the isight is being told to turn on. But still, nothing is shown on the renderer in the help file.

Does anyone have similar problem or know what is wrong?


i experienced problems when more than one VideoIn (DShow9) node was present. when opening the helpfile, you usually do that by selecting a present node and pressing F1, which results in 2 nodes :) close the original patch and reload the helpfile with ctrl+r, that worked for me and my isight.

my gosh… i am so stupid… thanks.
i thought i had to activate it first.

i don’t think this quirk has anything to do with being stupid :)