Built in enums available to plugins

While doing some plugin coding and looking at code for similar nodes I notice that there seems to be a bunch of built-in enums to use for input pins, for example:

[Input("Font", EnumName = "SystemFonts", Order = 2)]
IDiffSpread<EnumEntry> FFontIn;

Where is SystemFonts defined? Is it possible to have a list of such “magic” enums available?
Maybe just maybe I won’t have to create my own enums in every case.

hei beyon,

those are the enums hard-coded in the private code of vvvv. but you can see them and all their entries best via the helppatch of Info (Enumerations).

in NULL (enum) there’s an enum with all the enums currently available in vvvv
hey dawg, I heard you like enums so I put more enums into your enum so you can enumerate while enumerating

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