Building Spread of Transformed Transforms

This seems like a fairly rudimentary vvvv question but it has me stumped.

I have a set of transforms for a quad or mesh that create an entire entity in my system. The whole bundle of transforms denotes one object. I now want to create a set of those objects and pass them to a renderer or shader. So essentially I want to pass another set of transforms into my patch and create a giant spread of transforms that has transforms for each piece of each entity.

I have X transform parts in a spread per entity.
I have Y transforms that are global transforms for Y entities.
What I want is a spread containing X*Y transforms with each transform being a product of a transform in X and a transform in Y.

Describing it this way it almost sounds like I need a “cross” node for transforms but to my knowledge such a thing does not exist.


iobox (node) is what you need

iobox (node) help.v4p (9.8 kB)

Awesome, thank you! Always amazed at how easy things are in vvvv when you can find the right node.