Buggy behavior when a plugin node was put in other DLL but the "filename" was not updated in the patch XML by vvvv

previously: http://vvvv.org/blog/whyyyy
This nasty piece of crap cost me 3 or 4 hours yesterday when I finally gave up. Today I had an individual look in each patch XML code in the project what could possibly happen. I noticed this crap:

<NODE systemname="Rectangle (Notui.ElementPrototype Join)"
nodename="Rectangle (Notui.ElementPrototype Join)" componentmode="Hidden" id="120">

I created this patch when Notui was sitting in mp.essentials. Since then I put it into its own DLL. Unfortunately when I continued working on this patch vvvv did not reflect this in the patch file and still denotes in the XML to look for that node in mp.essentials.dll. I don’t know what happens after that point under the hood but the result is that it deletes all nodes from mp.essentials from the NodeBrowser “search mode” but mp.essentials nodes continue to show up in categories and in the NodeList node. vvvv also find the Notui nodes in the new DLL in packs so no red node is caused here.

TTY had nothing about this. Not even something like

Rectangle (Notui.ElementPrototype Join) is supposed to be in "%VVVV%\packs\mp.essentials\nodes\plugins\mp.essentials.dll" but it wasn't

I know it’s an edge case during refactoring plugin development but I can imagine this shit kicking in from an update too for the end user.

After deleting the “filename” argument the problem went away. I wouldn’t consider this as a solution though as it’s only possible because patches are serialized into text editable XML.

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