Bug with path IOBox setting a folder

Continuing on from the chat in Element, I have a weird bug around Dir and setting a path in an IOBox.

If I shift-right click in the Dir helppatch (HowTo Get List of Filenames.vl) and simply press okay, the path shown is now different. If I shift-rightclick again it is at the correct folder again. If I choose a subfolder in the current folder the path is correct. If I got to the parent of it and set it, its now wrong again.

You can see what I mean here:


This is in 5.3-preview-0380.

It get’s weirder still. If I have a folder set in Dir and its not working, if I copy and paste everything, the copy now works as expected, but the original doesn’t work.


It also seems like Dir doesn’t like it if there are ONLY matches in Subfolders and none in the original folder set. Of course “include subdirectories” is on.

Just one of those days…

If I delete the node and undo it, you can see the file output temporarily output a wrong path. Wtf!?


The framerate of your recordings is giving me vertigo :) Why not use licecap or something similar and embed the gif directly in the forum? That way it’ll definitely be available in the future.

Anyways can’t reproduce, tested with 5.2 stable and 6.0-0125.

Folder looks like this:

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Tried to reproduce what you describe on our end but to no success. It’s also really hard to understand what’s happening in your initial gif you posted, watched it like ten times and didn’t get it.

Was also using latest preview build. You say you use 5.3-0380? Any chance you can try with the latest bits?

Yes, I know, sorry, its hard to show what was going on.

First I did undo do get back to the original state, where it shows the full path. Then I set a subfolder it shows the correct path. Then I set the parent of it and now all of a sudden the IOBox shows a completely different path.

It’s like it is sometimes appending the folder to the patches root directory and sometimes is actually setting the full path.

Super weird and I also can’t really reliably reproduce it.

Like the recent thing with deleting a folder it shows that dealing with paths and files might seem trivial, but is actually super hard. I remember the DeleteFolder method from Microsoft had like 600 lines of code.

Sorry about that. I didn’t realize how low the framerate is with it. I just used it as it’s super quick and easy to share. But I have installed licecap now and will use that.

Do you know if Element supports anim Gifs?

Yes it does.

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