Bug in Separate (String)

See attached patch.

Separate(",") gives 4 strings but should give 5.
Separate(", ") gives 5 strings, as it should.

That’s a problem with csv files, which often have empty fields. Can be worked around, but is ugly.

Separate_Bug.v4p (21.9 kB)

If you set Ignore Between of last Separate node to “none” seems to work properly.

No, then this happens:

Separate(",") gives “” “” “” “” “,” (four empty ones and a comma in the last slice).

Sorry, you are right.

yes this node has problems in special cases. a quick fix is to use RegEx instead… make a module if you need it often.

Does this mean it won’t get fixed?

not at all! it just means its not on top of the todo list…

okey :)… no text …

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