Bug: HowToCompute Voronoy and Delaunay patterns


In Help/Utils/HowToCompute Voronoy and Delaunay patterns, the Voronoi node is pink, and the renderer is black


As far as I know we can’t copy-paste the error messages, so please find a screenshot

on gamma 2020.1, the Width and Height pads return 0, see this gif :


what i did :

  • open the patch : no pink node, black renderer, the pads return 0
  • directly connecting the two pads at the top of the patch to the Rectangle node : working
  • reconnecting the two original pads and F8/F5 : Delaunay turns pink

this does not occur on 2019.2 (working straight away there)

@ludnny : you can copy/paste error message by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C when hovering the culprit node.

edit: full stack here.

indeed, in this patch the pads are 0 (default) in the first frame. you can fix the patch by setting the Width/Height Setters on Create like this:

i’d also argue there’s a bug in 2020.1 0011 that can be described as follows:

  • in the original helppatch, we see that 4 pads (2 up, 2 down) while the 2 upper ones are connected to ioboxes upstream
  • the upper pads are filled with data also in the first frame (i think it was mentioned, that pads, that are connected up- and downstream are optimized away by the compiler)
  • the 2 lower pads that are not connected upstream behave different - have a default value in the first frame
  • as a user, you’d expect both pads behave the exact same


Thanks for bringing this up, but it’s the other way round, 2019.2 was buggy while 2020.1 behaves correctly. So the help patch needs fixing as it made use of a wrong behavior.

All pads not connected upstream must produce the same value during the whole operation. Only the one pad which has an upstream connection assigned to the same operation is allowed to produce the intermediate result. 2019.2 was violating that rule, while 2020.1 doesn’t. Sorry for the mess, the bug was caught rather late by an internal patch.

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