Buffer keycodes and keys


I have a problem with keyboard inputs. I use the html texture node to display a flash clip. when I send too many keycodes per frame to the htmltexture node, they didn’t arrive inside the flash.

how can I puffer the keycodes, and send only one or two keycodes every frame.


Hey there, sorry for the late reply:
Keycode buffering shouldn’t be necessary at all. The mouse/keyboard/touch connections are push based internally, meaning the individual events get sent from the sources to the sinks immediately. So what you’re describing should be considered as a bug and a patch showing the issue would be appreciated.

To your question whether or not keycode buffering is doable in a patch. Probably, but it would be a very cumbersome patch I fear. So before going into that direction I’d prefer getting to the root cause of your initial issue.