Buffer (EX9 Texture) always fills in the same texture


maybe i get something wrong but i think its a bug. if i try to fill the buffer (ex9 texture9 with different textures, it fills in always the same texture. i use getslice (node) to change the incomming texture out of a texture spread… see the attached patch to try it out.

my fault or a bug?

Buffer (Texture).zip (26.7 kB)

i’m not sure what exactly you want to do, but if you want to load a spread of textures, you have to feed the filetexture-node with a spread of filenames.

Buffer (Texture) - modified.rar (26.4 kB)

confirmed. there wos a boog. fixed.

@michel: i know. it is also possible to use getslice (node) on a spread of textures to have more control over the order of a texturespread. i’m wondering abou the differences between the three methods: Spread the filename of filetexture, use getsliche (node), buffer (ex9) texture? Difference in performance, memory usage?
maybe this is the wrong forum to ask this…

anyway the buffer doesnt work as it should…

cheers ele


avoid using the buffer node whenever possible. i think under some certain circumstances the buffer will just copy the whole content from incoming textures into the outgoing textures. however for some other circumstances there should be already a more efficient algorithm implemented, which is based on pointers / aliases to the textures.
however, up to now, i would use the buffer only in conjunction with dynamically changing textures (dynaictexture, videotexture, …) not with filetextures.