I’ve been working on a project which has been ported to the production machine for a week now, with no problems.

This is a 3 blended screen set-up, + 2 independent screens, divided onto 2 machines.

Since yesterday, I’ve started having the occasional renderer freeze. I’ve checked the driver versions and updated to the most recent nVidia ones. Now I have definitely a pattern of system crash, where a Blue Screen of Death comes up after about 3 mins stating:


Presuming it’s a driver issue, what are the recommended settings for the nVidia drivers?

Rolled back to older driver. Now I “only” get the renderer freeze, after a few minutes. Before that, some artifacts appear on the edge of the 3rd output Frame count appears to be high, but it refreshes at around 1 frame every 2 seconds. Renderer TTY does not present any messages. vvvv version is 31.2.

I think this might be a vsync issue. After changing the nvidia vsync setting to adaptive it improves a bit, but depends on how fast changing the content is…

Have you checked memory consumption?

within vvvv or at system level?

System performance monitor doesn’t show any peaks. And yet it freezes. Other than system tools, how can I log errors in vvvv? TTY window is clear as well.

Patches work fine on a single display, so this is most likely a multi-gpu sync issue. If anyone has any experience with nVidia settings for this kind of set-up, it would be very helpful. Thanks.