Broken links in beta29.2

Hi all,
Just trying to get back into VVVV and it seems the folder structure has changed recently. Not that it matters in general, but it is causing missing links all over the place for me.

Am I doing anything wrong here?

Everything residing under /node folder is not found by the program at all.

many thanks for your help ;)

image here>

looks like file access right problems, unpack the vvvv zip files again with 7zip.

thanks tonfilm worked. although Struture Synth is still throwing up missing links :-/

cheers for the help

I don’t see your addonpack installed in that screenshot, that is the one needed for structure synth.

Put the addonpack next to girlpower inside vvvv program folder.

thanks guys, ive been away from visual things, but am now eager to give it a shot again. but the link errors are still getting me…

im on the latest beta version, with Structure Synth installed into /vvvv_contributions/plugins

running the Structure Synth help file returns loads of broken links like before:

whereas if I open the helpfile by starting vvvv from the program folder > open patch, my plugins are loaded but still no Structure Synth:

Ive extracted with 7zip, but still the same. The root is set to the vvvv_contributions folder:

again, i really appreciate the help…

structuresynth just won’t work with the x64 build.
to get it to work with the x86 build you need nothing more than the addonpack.

Vielen Dank! works!