Broken image with Writer

using Writer (File Advanced) when I write a jpg file the resulting file is broken, errors from both Writer and HTTP nodes.
Trying Writer (Raw), the content input pin does not want to connect to the body output pin of the HTTP node.

Haven’t tried this myself but I think you need AsRaw(String).

See new-datatype-raw

No, still broken image… something to do with the ecoding maybe, which one to choose ?

hi io, please post your patch so we can see ourselves.

there yo go

test-write-ssl-28.4.v4p (4.6 kB)

the http node should (and probably will) move to the new raw datatype too for its body output pin but in the meantime you’ll be able to solve your issue by setting the encoding in the AsString (Raw) node to “System Default”.

Correct, working for me
tx a bunch (tomorrow night we ll have pictures with whatsapp)

just to let you know, in latest alpha the http (get/post) nodes do have raw body output pins now.