Bring google maps content over skia render?

Hello guys, is there anything done regarding using google maps inside vvvv ?
I would like to render a path of GPS cordinates over a google map layer, I was thinking in using a html render node, but I am not sure if there is something done/similar to this

yes, HTLMTexture but I would use the Stride pipeline for that and use the SkiaRenderer node to draw over it if you need Skia drawing.

@tonfilm yes this works great, what I would like to do is to draw GPS coordinates/path/graphics over the map…
I can either use google maps API and so some basic drawings, or I can try to “map” the google map texture to stride pixels and use vvvv to draw what I need… Using the RenderTexture node will be a good way to get the texture without any involuntary movements

Is there a way to send mouse movements, ( scroll wheel ) to the CEF webBrowser node ?

Or If there a way to get the mouse movements over the webrender window?