Brickinect kinect + vvvv bricks punching game

To not hjack the hierro SKELETON Contribution page i start a dedicated page for this silly game i’m experimenting with.
To get it working you need the latest VVVV .25 beta version, the hierro’s plugin and all the stuff described in the contribution page
Once you get it running, do the OPENI calibration pose, now you can punch already, but to start the game timer and score counting keep you hands as up as possible for a couple seconds. Enjoy!
You can also use foots but that part is still very undeveloped.
The V2 version will put pictures on the bricks blocks, i added a sample folder with italian politics faces ;) just set another folder if you wish with it’s string IOBOX.

Feedback, suggestions, help are welcome. also if you have some i’ll try to help here.
Thanks to hierro, screamer etc for making this possible thru their plugin.