Breaking changes since last summer?

Last August, I made a pretty complex patch in whatever preview as available back then.

I have now opened it again and nothing is really working.

I am looking for suggestions on how to debug this.

For starters, the render and scene windows are all named “vvvv gamma preview”. global channels are all 0 and nothing is responding.
Also, creating a test process node does not work, meaning that it is not evaluated.

Thanks in advance


If you look at the document’s XML you should be able to see the version it was saved with and fetch that specific preview, if that helps.

It doesn’t go back that far

All this is in 6.0-0263

Here is the log when starting (53.5 KB)

Why can’t we upload .log files?

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There were quite some changes. But not that many breaking changes.
change log 6.0

The log says that you are “lucky” in a certain regard:

time severity [source] ? message
2024-03-13T14:20:33.2701373+01:00 FAIL [vvvv] [0] There are build errors.
2024-03-13T14:20:34.4900812+01:00 CRIT [Hattlerizer] [0] Unexpected exception during Update: Object reference not set to an instance …

There are compile errors, which allows you to jump to the problem. So no stepping in the dark.
The compile error typically leads to some part of your program not getting executed. So the second message “Unexpected exception during Update” is probably due to that compile problem. (typically a follow-up problem that you can ignore)

Here is how to deal with the situation. Ctrl-F2 opens the Build Result window listing all the problems. Click on them to see what’s going on.

The problems can stem from library versions. But it’s hard to tell. So please just drop us make a screenshot of the errors. The log currently sorrily doesn’t tell in detail.

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That took me closer.
I think the bugger is in the channels:
If I delete the Split, everything work, and if I then undo, the Split works as intended.
Maybe some graceful handling of empty channels or maybe it is updated, so I don’t need HardCast anymore

Ok. Don’t know about LottieDir and why it doesn’t output an instance in the first frame.
But you could maybe use the CastAs instead of the HardCast node. It should give you a dummy instance of LottieFileStuff which might be enough.
A cleaner solution would probably be to look into LottieDir and reason about the type of the output (should be LottieFileStuff I guess) and the initial value. That way you wouldn’t need to the trickery outside.
But you could also test for IsAssigned outside and put the split into an If region.

You mentioned a channel. Could you please show us that part of the patch? We might need to mention some breaking change in our change log. Thanks

It’s a bit fiddly to extract, but here is a couple of screenshots:


EDIT: let me know if you need more info

that seemed to do the trick, it starts without complaining now