Boygroups, textureFX modules and missing paths


i’m having troubles boygrouping textureFX modules.
the client seems to search for the effect within in \addonpack\modules\common\TextureFX… as opposed to \addonpack\lib\nodes\modules…

doesnt happen with all of them, but with most
for example
glow works, edge doesn’t.

my problem alone? or a known problem? what’s the trick?


had that several times and no luck with nodelist.

so, in boygroup situations, i duplicate the textureFX in my project folder, rename it and replace info (Ex9.texture) with corresponding inputs.

the real problem with those modules in bygrouping is that it works sometimes … so better replace everyone


looking at the xml of those modules it becomes quite obvious…

in Edge (EX9.Texture Filter).v4p it says:

in Glow (EX9.Texture Filter).v4p it says:

question is: why is the server clever enough to find the effects anyways, but the client isn’t?

just tested, and had the same troubles.

workaround without messing up filelocations
on server:
SystemFolder (File) with Folder:Application -> SubDir (File) with All Levels:1 -> NodeList (VVVV)
and boygroup that

*C:* >> SubDir (File) >> NodeList (VVVV) o.O

is that your output of SystemFolder (File) ?? are you sure Folder not set to PrimaryDisk but Application, which should give you the vvvv install folder?