Boygrouping videosync latency

hai people

im trying to use the videosyn pin in a boygroup setup, as i never get how to use it correctly. i want to get it working with 3 videos in fullhd on each computer. I’ve added a ping test to check the lag of the network.

I’m using AVI with mjpeg codec with the SUPER video converter, as is the only encoder that works for me with AVI container

Here’s the boygrouped patch and also a video to check it. I just copy the file with different names to test it:

The folders are set to C:\VIDEOSYNC\VIDEO


It works, but not flawless. sometimes the third video of every computer get out of sync for a couple of frames and doesn’t correct never. am i missing something ?

VIDEOSYNC.rar (7.1 kB)

Hi, manuel.

This topic maybe you could search the forum.


Yea of course i did it before posting,

the posts related are

but it’s not specified if its needed to take notice of the network lag in this situation.

You should take look the " tonfilm-vidsync " patch…


just for reference. this problem is being adressed by a new series of nodes: boygroup-time-and-filestream-synchronization