Boygrouping & texture


Since I’ve installed the special patch for vvvv, I ha ve this problem: when I use boygrouping with a textured shape, I can see the texture in the server but it disappears in the client so I just have a white shape.

Any idea?

hi jim!

please make sure that the texture can be found on the client.
because i cannot believe that it has anything to do with the new version of vvvv.

i know, there are some things you have to pay attention to, when using relative paths. e.g. they might mean (unpack to) another absolute path on the client than on the server.

i would suggest you could try to use an absolute path in the filetexture node and ensure that the client has the same directory structure as the server. with all media at the same places.

now it should work. i hope.


Hi gregsn,

Thanx for replying, I tried your solution and the fact is that I must load a pix from the client to texturize a shape in the server to make it work. It seems to be pretty weird but it works with no bug, so that’s perfect!

Thanx a lot man!