Boygrouping - missing softedge on clients

I´m trying to setup a basic boygrouping. Everything works fine except the softedge on the clients. If i open the multiscreen subpatch i see the softedge-node unconnected. So it seems that the effect isn´t found on the harddrive. So i started testing several things:
i copied the same folder of vvvv to a directory “C:/VVVV” on all maschines. If i open the server patch on the client i can see the softedge, so the effect is there. Just when the nodes are send by boygrouping the path seems to be incorrect. So i checked the xml file to see if there is a wrong connection. But in there was nothing written about the softedge-node.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this ?

Thank you a lot.

Basic Boygrouping Setup (6.4 kB)

helo stephan,

you have to be more specific here. so on the server everything you say it looks as expected?

then you go to the client and navigate to the patch (by unlocking the defualt client patch using ctrl+e) and see the blue MultiScreen (EX9) module. you rightclick it and in there you see the Softedge node unconnected? is that what you mean? because that would be weird. so the node is there and you can rightclick it and the code comes up but it is not connected?

also which xml-file did you check?

Thank you for answering! Until now I didn’t unlock the client patch. I just rightclicked on the multiscreen node and gut the blue window with the subpatch. In there the software node is unconnected. It’s the same on 2 different computer so maybe it’s nothing wrong on the client side.
On the server I see everything like I want it to be. The softedge is working fine there.
The XML file I was talking about is in the attached zip file I uploaded with the thread.

I’ve seen this before, the path to the softedge.fx was wrong, I can’t remember where it was on the clients but the path wasn’t right. Check where it is on the server, and maybe copy it to the effects folder on the on both server and clients, save your patch so that the patch looks there, then try again.
I think the soft edge.fx lives on the modules folder and for some reason the clients don’t see it

is the addonpack installed on the clients?

edit: catweasels post sounds quite right…

Ja - thats it ! After copying the softedge and screennumbers node to the effects folder it works. Thank you for the fast support.
And thank you to the vvvv team for the inspiring week on the node2010 :-)