Boygrouping for video show


sorry that you hear from me so often but my presentation is getting closer and closer…

i have 3 iMacs running windows with 3 beamers connected to the iMacs. I have 3 patches which have a fullscreen renderer, i now want to boygroup all of them in order to generate an interface. When I boygroup a renderer in the patch from the server all clients get the same output and the server has always all outputs (from all three patches and renderers) on the display? How can I solve this problem? Is it wrong or not possible to boygroup a renderer in order to only show them on the client computer? Where is my mistake?

regards, Gerd

Boygrouping will help. the client computers usually don’t run any patches, they just start vvvv in client mode. everything that is specific for the clients should be implemented on the server and gets switched on or off according to the client ID output pin of the Boygroup (VVVV) Client node.

thx tonfilm

i´ve already looked at the boygroup help but I can´t find what I´m looking for. The problem is that when I boygroup a Renderer the renderer is on the screen of the client but also on the screen of the server, i need a kind of multi-screen environment… how can i tell the server that the output of the renderer should only appear on the screen of the client computer not on the server screen?

you decide by the client id if a renderer is fullscreen or not. set the server ID to -1 for example, than you use a >= node to check if the ID is >= 0, connect the output directly to the fullscreen pin of the renderer.

i´m sorry but I am not able to attend your orders…I´m quite new to v, can you send me an example patch or something else?
thank you very much tonfilm!

look at this module, there you find exacly what i described…

thanks, seems to work fine