Boygrouping crashing VVVV

Hey guys,
I had to reinstall my media servers with the latest Windows there is out there. Clean OS, latest drivers and vvvv_50beta38.1_x64 on the machine.
When i start vvvv as client to my server it starts but as soon as the server shows “Sending graph to client” the client vvvv just shuts down.

I could be missing something but man that is bugging me big time. All the boxes are green, it can open any patch locally on the machine, firewall is off as well as virus scanner, and i am out of ideas.

Plucked a log file form Windows Event Viewer that is attached bellow.
Any help is welcome :)

Report.log (31.9 KB)

hi @synth the log file doesn’t contain any information on what could be wrong, could you start vvvv with /showexceptions true or enable it via the menu and use the /logstartup commandline to get an error message/log from vvvv. also have a Renderer TTY open. then post the error information here again.

hi @tonfilm sorry for the late reply.
this is what i extracted from the machines. (9.1 KB)

Havent had time to play more with troubleshooting till tomorrow, hopefully the logs will reveal something usefull.

All best :)

Looks like one of the renderers is not configured correctly or cannot render, or has a layer that doesn’t render correctly. maybe delete one by one and see which one makes the troubles… or which layer input.

also check latest GPU drivers and correct GPU assignments, if the machine has multiple GPUs.

This is with no packs intalled, and trying out the Multescreen DX9 module help patch.
All drivers are latest possible. Here is a bit of a quirk as i because of the Quadro Sync Modules i have to use certain driver editions.
Wierd part is everything was just fine a week ago before i reinstalled my machines.
may be latest windows updates do something bad to vvvv?

Reinstalling one of the machines atm.will see what happens

After a full machine reinstall, all seems to work fine.
SO far the problem seems to be the version of VC runtime that gets installed by the Quadro driver that is bugging the vvvv renderer.

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