Boygrouping config

Hi guys.
I am rookie in vvvv. Recently I try config the boygrouping.
To start server I create a .bat to call vvvv.exe /server
And start the client with vvvv.exe /client

My question is. If I save the patch name.v4p and I try open name.v4p /server this not found. The same with name.v4p /client
I made anything wrong.

To the other side I creat . bat with

 start vvvv.exe /server

 timeount 15

 start name.v4p 

With this .bat I open the vvvv with server mode, and open my patch after 15 secons.

you should write in the batch or commandline:

vvvv.exe /server /o name.v4p

vvvv.exe /client serverIP

Thanks tonfilm this is are looking for.