Boygroup tricks

On a client: I was wondering if it is possible to instantiate a patch again that has been received from a server.
It says ‘Patch.v4p of’ in the tab. How can I create that node again outside the boygroup graph, and what happens when the original node is changed from the server?

One idea is of course to hack it via getPatch -> sendsString and recreate it outside manually …

Background: Changing patches dynamically in a boygroup. If I only network the cratenode, it is of course very fast, since every client updates itself, but I dont have the features of boygrouped patching anymore.

Also, the patch that is created once on the server has top be present multiple times on the client.

Any better ideas?


okay, the hack with getPatch, sending the string over a boygrouped s.node and setting the client patch accordingly works pretty well. Short hangs on changing the original but I wonder if that can be optimized with a particular update function that sends only when needed. Not sure how long the hangs in a large boygroup environment will be though, currently working local with two instances if v4.

eno, what the vvvvunk are you doing there?

sounds really interesting but i’m not sure at all if i understood this…

Sounds a like one is smoking, one is drinking, one is sleeping and one is just managing, but all are playing cards together.
Cool trick.