Boygroup synchronisation


My idea is to have simple boygroup system for playing video, but there is prob. with synchro, and tonfilms patch is frustrating me (to big to simple understand)

would it be possible to have internal vvvv clock (metronom) sinced with core clock? i mean 1ms in my core time = 1ms in vvvv

ok i think, if i have start bang on all clients and server in one exact moment example 20:00(system time) they should be synced and each unit should count time same speed and shouldn’t get faster or slover, or am i wrong?

this is my way to get bang in the client and server n same time, i havent time to test it in real situation, for now its just idea.

i add some examples
u need to get right lines into level


test setup (39.8 kB)
boygroup setup (29.6 kB)

hello barbarerik, this is your lucky day!
you are my first victim to test the new boygroup synchronization modules: boygroup-time-and-filestream-synchronization