Boygroup subpatches with space grid editor keyboard ,overwriting in clients, mirror


just a reminder that some subpatches do not appear in client if the have a “space” in the name.

i attached a warning i think i got it when that happen.

also the grid editor module is missing the keyboard.

what is best when boygrouping in terms of patches and directories ?

so far it seems that not having patches in the clients it works better as the patches are send via boygroup anyway but when they are there sometimes they seem to be overwritten and sometimes seems not so strange behaviour , that also happen if you are using vvvv origianl modules , later if you look in the client some of the modules disapear from the vvvv folder. so it is best to have all modules you are using in separate folder rather that in vvvv folder itself as the attemp will be overwrite them ?

is there a command in mirror that permits already files in clients or only mirror as the name says ;D ? like if you have independent presets in clients etc you have to keep it in other folder as mirror will delete them

uhmm not sure if writing all this in same post it is good but as it was all related i thouhgt it was good.


vvvv.exe-exception-2012-08-07.txt (24.7 kB)

i think a fixed the broken links of the PointEditor (3D Persistent) which was causing the grid editor not to have the keyboard functions

PointEditor (3D Persistent).v4p (81.2 kB)

hei color,

glad you asked. not good! rule of thumb: one topic per thread. that makes it easier for everyone to track them.

you mean a space anywhere in the path? that should work! or you mean in the actual nodename? that is against the conventions:node and pin naming and therefore not supported.

no patches whatsoever on the clients. if this causes problems please report a case that we can reproduce.

no. files that are not supposed to be exactly the same on clients and server need to be treated individually. or: name those files differently for each client and have them all everywhere. see? so have all settings for all clients on all PCs and only access the right one from each client.

hey joreg

thank you for respond and sorry for multithread.

i get some warnings form time to time not sure if i should upload all.

ok i,ll report if any news.

for the presets or things that have to make files in client yes either keep them somewhere else or save the files already in server via : \\Project\Presets\0_ID.txt for example

by the way the mouse and keyboard states are much nicer to use in a boygroup ;D

this is one i got in a client


vvvv.exe-exception-2012-08-08.txt (24.1 kB)

see, because now i don’t know what to say. do we have anyhting fixed in this thread or not? anything still open? i don’t know…

regarding sending us error messages:
it does not make sense to send us random errormessages saying: “i got this error”. it does make sense however if you encounter an error-message and know exactly how to reproduce. then tell us how exactly to reproduce it and send us the message along.

ok i see, i,ll post only errors i can reproduce and one post for each thing.

the post was good for some clarifications.

i tested patch in server with subfolders and subpaches and no patches and folders in the clients and worked very well so far,only keeping media files in all computers.

thank you and sorry for messing it was not my intention. ;D

please check everything with latest alpha (new version should be available in some minutes) and if there are still problems please report them again, one by the other. thanks a lot!!